About This Blog

The McMaster Research Blog is an initiative of the McMaster Research in Science Association that aims to provide undergraduate students interested in getting involved in science research critical insights into the nature of undergraduate science research as analyzed and presented by undergrads already involved in research. This is a place where undergraduates involved in scientific research write and reflect on their own experience in the lab and a community where people interested in undergrad engagement in science and research can come together and have interesting and meaningful discussion and debate.

This blog is driven by independent contributors who post to this blog on a free and voluntary basis. Our contributors are undergraduate students currently involved in scientific research. To apply to become a contributor, please contact us at: mursa@mcmaster.ca.

The McMaster Undergraduate Research in Science Association (MURSA) is a student club at McMaster University. Founded in 2011, MURSA aims to promote and facilitate undergraduate engagement in scientific research at McMaster University. Undergraduate research is quickly becoming a big asset in applying to graduate and professional schools, and can be a richly rewarding experience. However, it can be difficult know where to begin searching for a good undergraduate research experience, especially for new students. MURSA aims to address this gap by serving as a means of sharing and disseminating knowledge, advice and tools on finding and getting that perfect undergraduate research placement. Check out our website at: www.mursa.ca or visit our Facebook Group.



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